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Pismo doesn't need prayer



I had to put my coffee cup aside—I was now fully awake. After reading “WWPBD” (Nov. 7), my chuckling and smiles had pushed off my morning blanket of sleepiness and I was now fully engaged with the day. Nothing like a hearty laugh to slough off tiredness.

The writer of “WWPBD” had so perfectly collected and delivered his words that it reminded me of Dave Ross’s segments on CBS radio. Kudos to the author. He rightfully jabs at the Pismo Beach City Council and Pastor Jones with berating truth and humor. It is sad that Pismo Beach citizens may have to waste their tax dollars because of the council’s and the pastor’s unneeded collaboration. The city’s work does not need prayer!

Kudos too to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, of which I am a member, for standing up to those who wish to chip away the wall separating state and church.

-- Joe Mercado, Jr. - San Jose

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