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Pismo Rocks could be our future

Shell Beach



The U.S. Army declares war on Pismo Beach. At least the Corps of Engineers does. It recently sent a select few property owners a DVD containing a 349-page document (files.me.com/thegardendude/63jask) proposing armoring six coastal sites in Shell Beach.

I am aware of no public notification other than this. A friend received his less than two weeks before the Dec. 16 deadline for public response. The problem is that the Corps apparently does not accept the widely held scientific view that sea walls create many severe problems for nearby beaches and bluffs, including the strong potential to remove sand from nearby beaches. There are also issues of beach access.

The stealthy way the proposed project was announced implies a “black ops” approach and utter contempt for public input. The document demands a “negative declaration,” meaning the projects will have no significant environmental impact and therefore do not need an environmental impact report. This blatant attempt to bypass public input and basic scientific information is unacceptable and the worst way to implement public policy. If the Army is successful in its attack, Pismo Beach may have to change its name to Pismo Rocks.


-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

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