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Pismo would be better without Waage

San Luis Obispo



I love the city of Pismo Beach, but because of the behavior of one of their council members, Ed Waage, I’m happy I don’t
live there.

For a year and half, Mr. Waage has been on a misinformation campaign about the Air Pollution Control District’s study on particle pollution from the Oceano Dunes. Despite having his claims rebutted by actual experts in the field, Mr. Waage continues his pro-pollution obsession (he also denies climate change).

To put his ideological beliefs ahead of public health and valid science is an act of dangerous arrogance, perhaps the same arrogance that had Mr. Waage claiming he shared in the Nobel Peace Prize when he ran for city council.

-- Andrea Devitt - Cuesta College Counselor

-- Andrea Devitt - SLO

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