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Pity the parents




I can’t believe that you would dedicate an entire front page and main story section to glamorizing the subculture of street kids (“A stop on the squatters’ trail,” March 5). What do you think their parents go through? Not knowing where their children will sleep, eat, or what form of travel they will use to live this nomadic lifestyle with people who are mentally ill, have criminal backgrounds, suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and could be undocumented sexual predators. Have you lost your minds? These kids are malnourished, have skin fungus, lice, urinate and defecate in public places, pander, beg, prostitute themselves, and what about those poor helpless animals? I encourage you to do your job as responsible journalists and investigate what is the outcome of this lifestyle long term. All three kids profiled are disrupting their psycho-social development, which will indeed have a huge effect on how they will handle life as adults. And what is next? Having babies and bringing up children to share in this way of living? Probably.

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