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Plan A isn't working



What is our Plan B? What do we do if our planet heats further, and life as we know it drastically changes? Is doing nothing better than making some efforts? Assume that climate change is a hoax; how bad is it to continue to improve our air quality or our water purity? Is that really such a bad thing? How does your water taste today? Those blue-green algae blooms that taint our water supply aren’t just a coincidence. It’s got to do with the collision of heat and nutrients occurring at the same time. I don’t know about you, but our water tastes terrible. And that is a very new thing to this family just reaching our fifth year on the coast!

As you may know, we just passed the 40-year mark of Nixon and the Watergate fiasco. Of all the pain our dear President Nixon brought upon this nation, he did sign the Environmental Protection Agency into law. What a powerful act. Who wants to limit or rid our country of the EPA “scourge?” Well, of course the base of the same party that brought it into life: the Republicans, of course!

The ironies of life. But the damage to the environment caused by fossil fuels!

If we take the opposite assumption, that indeed fossil fuels are causing climate change, that our planet’s temperature is rising—and faster than what is currently being predicted—what are we going to do? Who will survive? How do we decide who makes it and who won’t, because certainly we cannot sustain the current level of life? Well, actually the increased level of life the next two or three decades will bring.

So what is our Plan B? Or do we even have a Plan B? I submit it would be worthwhile to pursue actions that will diminish the adverse impacts of fossil fuels. We are going to have to expose to the light of day what “fracking” actually is, what it uses, and what the production of all this LNG is having on our planet. I fear that since “fracking” is occurring all over the world, we might not even have 30 years. We may tip the balance sooner, and then what? Remember we have no Plan B. How will our children survive? Do you care? How can you not?

-- G. McArthur Robertson - Morro Bay

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