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Please let the faster of us pass

Santa Maria



I second Mr. Gisin’s comments (“Keep the left lanes on freeways for passing only,” Sept. 9).

I was pulled over yesterday for tailgating a fast lane slow-mover just north of Gaviota. I argued that I was “encouraging” the slow-mover to move to the slow lane. The slow-mover just stared at me in her rear view mirror in apparent defiance. Or maybe she was scared upon noticing the CHP behind her on the on-ramp. Or maybe she just knew her California road laws better than myself, as I always assumed the law stated “left lane for passing only.” The officer kindly let me go.

“Left lane for passing only” naturally makes sense to me, as trucks simply do not move the same speed as commuter vehicles. I have done extensive interstate driving, and this is common law.

Imagine the collisions if a fast-moving cargo ship was not enabled the right-of-way out in the ocean, where cargo ships have their own designated shipping lanes? What if the faster track runner was not enabled to take to the inside passing lane on a round track, where every runner knows the fastest mover exists? What if a Boeing 747 was not mandated to travel at a different altitude or lane of travel than a Cessna Caravan pleasure air craft? Imagine if a street cyclist commanded “track,” and no one yielded to his oncoming approach? On the horse race track, when a faster moving horse comes up on the flanks of a slow-mover, do you think the slow-moving horse in the lane says to himself, “I’m not budging?” No, his instincts trigger him to move over, and the faster horse wins the race. If the rider tries to block the oncoming horse, the faster horse is forced to go around and win anyhow.

Dear Mr. Fast Lane Slow-Mover,

In the slow lane, you will find welcome company with slow-moving on-ramp traffic, women applying makeup and fixing their hair, teenagers texting each other, truckers moving freight, sweet couples cruising in 20-year-old coupes, and weekend warriors towing toys.

Us fast-movers kindly appreciate you checking your rear-view mirror and yielding to our high beams and horn taps.

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