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Please reconsider the Morro Bay parklet decision



Cheers to Morro Bay’s LEAP for creating the wonderful parklet on Main. “Fad” or not, it was a lovely addition to the area, bringing townspeople together to sit, visit, enjoy, and to boast. It was also a wonderful and long overdue spot where pet owners could have an ice cream, or a coffee and pastry, and visit, or just sit and do nothing but read, greet our neighbors and enjoy being in the center of town. 

Jeers to the city for acting so hastily without a survey to support the claims made by a local businesswoman ("Morro Bay: To parklet or not to parklet," Aug. 13). The woman claimed the parklet had an adverse effect on her business. How does one reach such a conclusion, starting a petition on the very day that construction commenced? How did she know it had an adverse effect? She claimed also that it created a parking issue. Without support, or survey, or facts, the city listened and determined that the parklet must go. Interesting to take such action without survey, and lacking facts: 25 percent didn’t like, 35 percent DID like it, and 40 percent didn’t care. By these numbers it should still be standing. 

With regard to the parking space issue, or rather the lack of it. I walked Main Street on a busy Friday and Saturday conducting a survey of my own. There was parking available on each and every block throughout my unofficial five-hour survey. Never, not even once, was there a block on Main Street that didn’t have an open space for parking.

Safety was yet another concern for the woman. Traffic safety is a matter for the city, or SLO County. I agree with the businesswoman about the aesthetics. Not the loveliest of structures, but then it was intended as a “demonstration parklet.” One would imagine that if it were permanent perhaps the city would have spruced it up, painted, made it more aesthetically pleasing to her but more importantly, to this charming community. 

So, without any real facts supporting any of her protests, this wonderful parklet is no more. Mr. Mayor, City Council, PLEASE reconsider this wonderful idea and return the parklet to the heart of Morro Bay. 

-- Jim Mullay - Morro Bay

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