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Poison politics make people sick



The opinion article by Larry Bargenquast titled “Liberals. Am I right?” in the Sept. 1 issue of New Times is one example why so many people are turned off by today’s American politics. His style of street brawl, slash and burn politics has infected political discourse at almost every level of politics in the U.S. 

Rush Limbaugh and Rudy Giuliani would be very proud of him. This brand of politics is why nothing gets done in Congress anymore. I try to be open-minded and listen to all sides of an issue to make informed, rational decisions. I have listened to both Republicans and Democrats for many years, and it appears to me that I have heard more nasty trash talk from Republicans than Democrats. 

This trash talk includes bullying language that accuses the opposing side of the same offenses they themselves commit. These bullies try to define their opponents in the most extreme negative way that has little, if any, basis in reality. The bully tactics include false accusations, negative stereotyping, and demonizing all those who have a different opinion from them. 

So much pompous, hateful, exaggerated political talk can make me sick. Poison makes people sick, which is why I will stay clear of poison politics. 

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