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Police are complaining about treatment?


Okay, so let me make sure I understand this correctly: four cops kill a man and they are suing ("Deputies in Vestal case file suit," News, April 14-21)? Only in America! Anybody who has ever been arrested has probably been treated the same way the officers involved were treated that night. Let's see ...

Officer Murphy expresses his desire to have an attorney present before questioning. His superior says, "You can lawyer up if you want, but you'll only fuck yourself."

John Q. Public gets arrested, asks for a lawyer, and the common attitude is, "You'll get one when I'm ready to let you have one."

After complaining for over two hours about his need to use the restroom, they finally let him drive to the north station to use theirs.

John Q. is told to piss in his pants if he has to go, and if he pisses in the back of the car he's gonna be yanked out of the car by his ears when he gets to the "hotel."

Officer Clayton claims he was unfairly threatened?

When was the last time anyone arrested was fairly threatened?

I have not had the pleasure of being a "client" in over 20 years, but I have friends who have made mistakes. The common thing I hear now is how they were treated by the cops. If all goes well for the four officers, they could end up in a three-wheeler chalking tires in Minnesota by next spring.


M. Minnala

Morro Bay

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