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Police versus liberals


The opinion letter from Cuesta College student Sophie Stebbins is a perfect example of what today's college students look like ("Right to protest," June 4): kids brainwashed by liberal college teachers or professors. Like so many, actually too many, young people today, she is anti-authority and anti-law enforcement. She does not understand that blocking roads and especially freeways is not just against the law but, even more, a serious threat to safety. What happens when an ambulance with a person inside, at the brink of death, cannot get through to a hospital. Do they just die for the greater good? Maybe in the twisted world of today's college kids.

As for law enforcement officers showing up in riot gear and with tear gas, she conveniently forgets that more police officers are killed each year than unarmed black—or white—criminals (55 unarmed people were shot and killed by police in 2019, according to data compiled by The Washington Post), and the police are targeted by idiots with rocks, bricks, and bottles of frozen water, also known as deadly weapons. Police have the right and the need to protect themselves and have no idea how quickly "peaceful" protests will turn into rioting, with burning and looting, until it happens, with little warning. And if and when it does, they had damned well better be ready to address such anarchy, quickly and effectively, as people's lives and property will be at risk.

Ms. Stebbins does want to accept that there is no such thing as "systemic" racism, as that would not fit her left-wing agenda. To Ms. Stebbins, all black criminals who are killed by police officers are victims of murder, and all white criminals who are killed by police—well, she isn't even aware of their deaths because their deaths are never covered by the liberal, left-wing, mainstream press, as that too does not fit their agenda.

George Floyd's death was unnecessary and the result of a poorly trained and possibly racist cop. But his death was the exception to the rule. Probably 99 percent of the police officers in America are good and decent people, doing a very dangerous job, often for very little money, who are now hated by too many liberals, and no longer defended or supported by most of the liberal Democrat leaders in our country, who are every bit as guilty as the looters and arsonists that they allow to run wild in the streets.

And if Ms. Stebbins ever finds herself with a potential criminal about to break into her house, I am willing to bet that the first people she will reach out to will be the police, and she will be damned grateful and lucky to have them show up in time to save her life.

Mark C. Hanson

Morro Bay

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