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Pro-preventing a water emergency in Cambria


From Mary Webb's Sept. 20 commentary ("Pro-water"), we know that one of the issues in the Nov. 6 election for the Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) board—the sustainable water facility (SWF). Webb is an outspoken SWF opponent who advocates against permitting the facility to benefit Cambria's residents and businesses. I suspect if Webb had her way she would disassemble the plant altogether. Well, SWF opponents are trying to have their way by electing their candidates to the CCSD board.

Thankfully, you have outstanding alternate choices for the CCSD—Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton who strongly support the SWF. As Cindy and Aaron will tell you: The SWF has been constructed, we are paying for it, it works and can produce up to 30 percent of Cambria's potable water demand, and it should be used to prevent water emergencies, not just react to them.

But there is much more to this election than second-guessing decisions made long ago to construct the SWF during a historically severe drought. Like many other communities, Cambria must upgrade its water and wastewater infrastructure while carefully controlling costs. We need CCSD directors who are skilled and experienced in such matters; we can't afford otherwise.

Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton are the best CCSD candidates for the job ahead. Cindy brings 30-plus years' experience as a finance and project manager and analyst in the government contracts industry. As a charter member of the recently formed CCSD finance committee, Cindy has helped develop recommendations to improve the CCSD's financial policies and systems. Aaron is a respected local Cambria business owner/operator and an appointed incumbent CCSD director. In his short time on the board, Aaron has been instrumental in developing policies to streamline district operations.

We are so fortunate that Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton have offered their time, experience, and talent to serve our community. Now, we must do our part and elect Cindy Steidel and Aaron Wharton to the CCSD board.

Mark Rochefort


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