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Project Power



What's it rated? R

When? 2020

Where's it showing? Netflix

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman co-direct this sci-fi action film about an experimental drug that when taken gives five minutes of a superpower, though each user is affected differently. One might become bulletproof while another may acquire chameleon-like camouflage.

When the drug arrives on the streets of New Orleans, a teenage drug dealer (Dominique Fishback), a cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and an ex-soldier (Jamie Foxx) must team up to find those behind the drug and take them down.

It's a pretty silly premise, and the cast is a lot better than the material they're given to work with, but there are some good action sequences, splatter-core gore, and some well-placed humor. Like The Old Guard, it's not a great film, but with theaters shuttered and first-run movies few and far between, I'll take it! (113 min.) Δ


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