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Proposed Cayucos fire tax is absurd



I recently purchased a home in Cayucos and my special district fire tax is $103 a year. My parents own a home in Los Osos and their special district fire tax is $80. I asked a friend who owns a home in Cambria, and they pay $91 a year. Now, Cayucos wants to increase it to $500?

We already have the highest tax in the area, so why are we being asked to pay more? Is it truly in the community’s best interest?

My understanding is: If SLO County assumed responsibilities, we would get the proper fire protection we need without raising taxes and it would all come from the county’s general fund. 

With the recent utility rate increases, this unnecessary tax should be the responsibility of the county, not the property owners.

This will only lead to higher housing rental rates. Don’t let us get priced out of paradise.

I’m voting “no.”

-- Jenny L. - Cayucos

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