Proposed San Miguel layoff shelved



Members of the San Miguel Community Services District Board of Directors decided they don’t want to save their budget through layoffs.

District directors voted 4-1 on April 26 against a proposed layoff of district Administrative Office Supervisor Tanya Mueller. However, the directors also voted in favor of continuing a review of employee-related expenses, which could result in less benefits for the district’s three fulltime employees and an across-the-board salary reduction of five percent.

On April 26, New Times reported that Mueller’s job was on the chopping block after district employees approached the San Luis Obispo County Employees’ Association for representation. The district declared a fiscal emergency days before the union was officially recognized, which paved the way for such cost-cutting measures.

General Manager Rene Salas will continue his fiscal review of other cuts to employee benefits and pay, but said he was directed not to proceed with the possible layoff.

The district is working to cut its costs due to revenue losses from the down economy and to build up depleted district reserves.

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