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Prosecco and popcorn



My husband (bless his heart) recently went along with me to see Downton Abbey at the Galaxy Atascadero movie theater, and lo and behold, next to the concessions on a pretty little side table, the theater was advertising bubbly to go with our movie. At the Galaxy, you can order wine by the glass or bottle and drink it with your popcorn and Junior Mints while you watch your favorite movies. The Galaxy Theatre also holds wine tastings every other Wednesday, and this month has been all about J. Dusi wines. But for Downton Abbey (which has so much wine drinking, it could almost be fit into the wine-themed genre of movies), the management at the Galaxy pulled out the white linen for an Italian prosecco special. While Downton is playing, the prosecco special will be available: $12 for a double pour of La Marca prosecco (12 ounces means: "Never complain, never explain") in a nice, stemless wine glass. The light and floral sparkling wine with sinful buttered popcorn, and in the extra-spacious VIP red leather movie chairs—this is the pairing that you may not even think you would need but probably deserve.

The Galaxy Atascadero is located at 6917 El Camino Real, Atascadero. The $12 for a 12 ounce pour of prosecco special will run as long as Downton Abbey is in the theater. Δ

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