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Protect liberty

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Preamble to the Constitution: "Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Choice for women and our daughters is securing the blessing of liberty to decide for ourselves what our bodies shall experience. Additionally, separation of church and state is being tested.

Women's bodies have suffered male dominance through rape, domestic violence, fighting for birth control, and now courts assume to take dominance over our ability to chose whether to carry a zygote/fetus/pregnancy or not. Women have been suppressed by men throughout the ages. We've fought to get the right to vote, attend college, and work in roles held by men, and continue to suffer male control over our bodies.

Women maintain a complete and competent intellect to make decisions for themselves equal to men. Women actually know what it is like to be pregnant. Should men who cause an unwanted pregnancy have a vasectomy or be held responsible to raise that child themselves? The responsibility of the male in this equation is unacknowledged by the court.

Stop attempts to chain women to the beliefs of men who dominate religions, the courts, Legislature, and bullying in the home. Keep the liberty of women protected.

Jill Garman

Morro Bay


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