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Protect our way of life


When South County residents go to the polls next month to elect a District 4 supervisor, they must consider which candidate will be best able to steer the county as we face the economic issues that the impending closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant will bring.

Lynn Compton is best equipped to chart this course thoughtfully and effectively encouraging business development while protecting the lifestyle needs of the people in our community. Compton has been instrumental in building and operating a successful small business while raising twin daughters and supporting our community nonprofits.

Her opponent Jimmy Paulding is a 32-year-old man who recently finished law school and has little real-world experience. He did not even bother to vote in the 2014 elections.

Compton has succeeded in her nearly four years at the helm in supporting small businesses, tourism, and agriculture. I encourage District 4 voters to vote for experience, vote for Lynn Compton for supervisor.

Carole Toerge


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