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'Pruning' is a disgrace




Thank you so much for your informative story about the trees in Cambria (“Pruned to the ground,” Aug. 6). I have been in touch with the Sierra Club because I didn’t know who else to contact: The county of SLO is not tree friendly (about as friendly as they are to the homeless or those who would help the homeless) so I didn’t contact them. What PG&E has done is really is a disgrace. I do think the company stepped over the line this time in so-called pruning. If not, Cambria is in serious trouble because we have power lines going through the entire forest; with this precedent the trees can all be removed “legally.” PG&E will not return my phone calls on this either. I have tried to contact them and they referred me to gentlemen from Davey Tree Service, which didn’t do this “pruning”.

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