Psst it was raining



Strong winds, heavy rains, overhead surf, power outages, massive sewage spills, and even snow: San Luis Obispo County has obviously been subject to some gnarly weather conditions lately.

But did you know how gnarly?

"These were some of the strongest winds we've had in 10 years," said John Lindsey, Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant meteorologist.

According to Lindsey, winds reached 48 mph and had gusts of up to 66 mph on the night of Jan. 26. The last time stronger winds hit was on Feb. 3 in 1998, when they topped out at 79 mph.

In addition, huge amounts of rain showered the county. Lindsey said the storm dropped 6.89 inches of rain--bringing the year's total up to 10.72 inches and already surpassing last year's season total of 9.7 inches.

But there's good news for sun lovers: Lindsey projected rain-free conditions for the first half of next month.

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