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Questionable actions


Bizarre from the start, the Feb. 23 Port San Luis Harbor Commission meeting provided ripe fodder for a SNL spoof. It was complete with a white elitist badge-toting, take-no-prisoners "sheriff" from Texas and a gang of three schoolyard bullies.

The night's debacle was replete with misogyny on raw display, dismissal of a respected progressive Jewish human rights advocate, and coddling of a business owner.

Then came the truly despicable part. Said bullies set about to defame a well respected, long-standing community leader—a man who is an honest business owner and public servant of widely known integrity. For what reason? Unclear. Degree of seriousness? Disputable, but sounded like some sort of one-off happening that could probably be cleared up in an instance without ego-driven personalities running amuck.

Those of us who witnessed the evening's ill-run session came away with the impression that something's up with the (mis)management of a commissioner's emails. The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors should delve into the situation in order to uncover the real backstory and to ensure full restoration of Bob Vessely's respected reputation.

Dorothy Hines


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