Questions for: Drew Garrett and Lauren Willey

Members of Pop Music Duo Double Take and Stars of Viral Video "Hot Problems"


NEW TIMES At this point, how many views does “Hot Problems” have?

WILLEY Nine million, but it’s not our channel. It belongs to our producer, Connor Abrams … he graduated in 2010 from San Luis Obispo High School.


NEW TIMES Were you expecting that your video would be as well-known, if not popular, as it has become?

GARRETT No, we totally did not expect any of this to happen. We just made it for the heck of it.


NEW TIMES: Do you think that your song deserves the criticism it has received by the Internet?

GARRETT I don't think a lot of things deserve the criticism they receive on the Internet, but they do, and our song did. I think that people can say and think what they want; it doesn't bother us.

WILLEY Yeah, it doesn't really bother me at all anymore. It was hard at the beginning, but it doesn't bug me at all anymore just because there is so much.


NEW TIMES: Your video and song are often compared to Rebecca Black's "Friday." Do you think this is accurate, and what is your opinion of "Friday?"

GARRETT We weren't really too familiar with "Friday" when we made our song. I guess the reason they’re compared is because it went viral the same way Rebecca Black's song did, and we aren't the best singers.


NEW TIMES Do you have plans to release more singles in the future?

WILLEY Besides the other ones we have already released, "Like a Princess" and "The Stalking Song” (as well as a remix of “The Stalking Song”), we aren't really sure!


NEW TIMES: Your second single, “Like a Princess” has already received a music video. Do you think that your third single, “The Stalking Song,” will receive a music video as well?

WILLEY: No! I don’t think we are anymore!


NEW TIMES: Do you really agree with the message of your song “Hot Problems,” in that “hot girls have problems too?”

GARRETT: Of course!

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