Questions For: Heather Smith

Buffalo Pub & Grill bartender


NEW TIMES What is Tips For Tatas?

SMITH It’s the breast cancer fundraiser we are throwing at Buffalo. It’s on Oct. 9 from 11 a.m. till 2 .a.m.


NEW TIMES How are you going to raise money for breast cancer research?

SMITH We are selling raffle tickets for $5, donating all of the tips that we earn that day, giving 100 percent of the proceeds from our special pink cocktails and pink beer. We also have shirts for sale. I actually drew the design on the T-shirt. And we are also having a date auction.


NEW TIMES A date auction?

SMITH We are going to auction a date with four guys and four girls, and maybe match each person up with a gift certificate for a restaurant or something. Still working on that one.


NEW TIMES What are the big-ticket items you'll be raffling off?

SMITH We have an Ernie Ball guitar, which is worth $2,500, a week stay at a time share in Maui, and a pair of pearl earrings from Kevin Main Jewelry.


NEW TIMES How much money are you trying to raise?

SMITH We are aiming for $11,000 because each of the last two years we donated $10,000, so I want to beat last year’s by at least $1,000. We are enthusiastic and energetic about selling raffle tickets and promoting the event, so we're going keep working on it.


NEW TIMES Where can a person buy a raffle ticket?

SMITH At Buffalo Pub and Grill.


NEW TIMES To which charity does the money go?

SMITH It goes to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

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