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I keep hearing Democrats saying the Republicans are trying to strip the people's right to vote away but never hear the specific items they are doing to accomplish this. So, Quinn Brady, could you tell the people exactly what they are doing that you feel is stripping people's voting rights ("Not everyone is free," July 8)? Let's take Delaware's (Biden's home state) voting laws and compare it to, say, Texas, and tell us which one has more voter restrictions. Also, do you believe a person should show an ID to verify they are legally eligible to vote or not? Almost everyone has to have an ID to drive, get welfare/food stamps, unemployment, pay taxes, fly on a plane, and numerous other things, so why do the Democrats keep saying to require an ID to vote is racist against the Black, Hispanic, and other poorer people? And yes, years ago we took land from the Indians, had slaves, but we can't hold the people today responsible for the action of others in the past, but we should learn from it and do better for all the people no matter what race they are as they are all Americans. Can't wait to hear your response if they will even print this.

Richard Mullikin


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