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Quit yer cop-bashing


All you local newspapers just love cop bashing, and to you Jerry Lenthall is a victim of “once a cop always a cop.� Sheriff Hedges has been brutally hammered, and in all cases, after multiple investigations, these stupid charges were unfounded.

You heroes should consider this. Were I a cop, any cop, I would study the newspaper’s staff list, memorize the names, and wait for the day when you (newspaper staff) need help, or, better yet, have that extra glass of wine and drive; then we shall see justice, or sow ye, and so shall ye reap.

Why don’t you quit pandering to left-wing airheads and think — a lot of people actually like cops, they are our neighbors and friends and if they didn’t do this sometimes dirty job, who would? You? Yeah! Blubber butt takes down a violent meth freak! Har har! Why don’t you just quit trendy-bashing police folks who can’t speak out for themselves.


Norm Adams

Paso Robles

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