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Racists defaced Obama bumpersticker


After waking to the first day of Christmas vacation, we saw an ugly reminder that, although most ignorance and bigotry has been bred out and the Deliverance recessive gene pool has been inbred to the point of minority, the traits still fester in our county.
Over the Obama/Biden ’08 bumper sticker on our car, some Nazi supremacist had pasted their poorly made sticker displaying the image of a chimpanzee, the text “Obama ’08” and the website address tightrope.cc (as in a noose to hang people of other races), which is the one-stop place to shop for Nazi and other racist paraphernalia. Not only can you buy CDs, pamphlets, stickers (100 for $1 for these tough economic times), T-shirts, Confederate flag everythings, items with a Hitler logo, but they supply brass knuckles, stun-gun knuckles, knives, police-grade batons, handcuffs, pepper spray, and many other dangerous weapons.

Wow. Whoever took the time to order stickers and trespass onto our property, then vandalize our car, probably has a stockpile of weapons just waiting for the day they launch an assault on fully brain-developed society. Scary that this menace still exists, that some people have an agenda to spread hate and vandalize this country. How un-American and unpatriotic.

Our 6-year-old daughter recently was told by a peer at school, when she was talking about something cool her friend had done who happens to be an African American, “You can’t be friends with him—don’t you know black people are for slavery?!” Keep in mind this was a 6-year-old little girl telling our daughter this. If these occurrences have happened to us in the short time since we moved to Paso Robles, I can only imagine what hate crimes African American individuals have had to endure. You redneck retards are an embarrassment to society.

Shiloe George
Paso Robles

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