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Raising recycling rate isn't fair


How nice our SLO City Council had such great platitudes (as per New Time's reporting, "SLO, Grover Beach raise recycling rates," June 20) to justify yet another large increase in garbage charges. Staff recommended the increases (when has staff not recommended increasing fees, charges, or taxes?), so the council sheep baa'd into line.

To blame the increases on removing waste from recyclables is disingenuous. Why are people confused about what's recyclable? Because it keeps changing, but neither our "zero-waste" city nor the garbage company make much effort to keep us peons informed. So we think things we were told for years are recyclable are still recyclable.

The history of SLO recycling explains a lot: first it was newspapers, aluminum cans, and glass bottles. Pretty simple. Then tin cans and plastics with certain numbers in their recycling symbols. Then we were told to put plastic bags, old foil, and everything paper, metal, glass, or plastic into our bins. If in doubt, we were told, recycle it and cut waste.

Now that's an excuse for higher fees to remove non-recyclable "waste."

At a minimum, both the city and the garbage company should mail every household specific instructions about what is, and what isn't, recyclable at least once a year. Any time there's a change, that too should be noticed.

Raising charges on us for doing as told isn't fair.

Brenda Holmes

San Luis Obispo

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