Randy Adler, Moondoggies Beach Club owner

781 Dolliver St., Pismo Beach and 837 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo


NEW TIMES: What is the Surf for Kids and Teens event about?

ADLER: The city of Pismo Beach is going to start a surfing camp for kids and teens for ages 7 to 17. The city contacts us when there are people who are interested in learning how to surf, and Moondoggies takes them out and takes care of them. The classes will be lasting through January, and the camps take place in various sessions.


NEW TIMES: What will the students get out of this camp?

ADLER: The students will learn to surf with Moondoggies experts. Students will learn how to stand and maneuver a surfboard, as well as surfing etiquette. The class will emphasize water safety and give students the confidence and knowledge to better enjoy the ocean.


NEW TIMES: What do the surfing lessons include?

ADLER: The classes start from $65 and up, and that includes a surfboard that is proper for your level of skill and body type. We also include the necessary wetsuit depending on the water temperature; usually they:ll be 2:2 or 3:2 in terms of thickness. The numbers mean how thick the wetsuit insulation is in millimeters. The torso is the first number listed, and the second number [is] the thickness in the limbs. It can get pretty chilly out in the Central Coast waters, but you shouldnlt have too much trouble once you get out there and stand up on your surfboard for the first time.

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