Ray Fields, President

Abalone Farm of Cayucos,


NEW TIMES: What does the abalone farm contribute to the Central Coast?

FIELDS: We are continuing a style of fishing that could have become extinct. Abalone’s popularity has been growing every year, so our farm is able to sustain and rise not only for the county but for other parts of the world. We’re also the largest employer in Cayucos, so we help provide many local jobs for the county.


NEW TIMES: Is the demand for abalone rising because of summer or is there a peak season when people buy them?

FIELDS: Since we are an international company, we’re always shipping throughout the year to many different companies. However, we have a big demand around the holidays in the winter. Since abalone is known for being a luxury, families and friends are willing to spend the extra money for gorgeous abalone. During the summer we have a high demand because of the tourists who visit the Central Coast and want to try a taste of freshly caught abalone.


NEW TIMES: What are a few of your favorite recipes for abalone?

FIELDS: Personally, I’m a traditionalist and I enjoy an abalone steak. Simply breaded and fried in some butter I think is the best way to enjoy abalone. The younger chefs throughout the Central Coast are getting quite creative. I would suggest visiting our website, where we have quite a few recipes that will show you how delicious our abalone can be.

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