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re: Confessions of a homophobe

San Luis Obispo



Editor’s note:  New Times received many letters in response to the contributed commentary “Confession of a homophobe,” which appeared in the Feb. 25 edition; too many to publish in print this week, even in the extra space especially allotted. The letters continue at newtimesslo.com. All of the responses except one strongly criticize or mock the opinions expressed in the commentary. Headlines have been omitted.

How sad: As the editor, you chose to have New Times feature a rambling diatribe from a homophobe (“Confession of a homophobe,” Feb. 25). Would you have featured a similar essay from someone who wrote a hateful rant about African Americans or some other minority?  I can only conclude you secretly want to promote this point of view or you simply want to stir up controversy. Either way, you should be embarrassed.  

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