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re: Confessions of a homophobe

San Luis Obispo



The civil rights movement’s mission was not to make everyone black, but rather to end the institutionalized discrimination and the pervasive racism that perhaps still runs rampant in many parts of this country. Do racists still exist? Sure, and it’s not illegal to be one, though it may be illegal to act on that racism.

The same can be said about the current equality issues being fought by such homosexual rights groups as Equality California and the Human Rights Campaign—what Otis Page (“Confession of a homophobe,” Feb. 25) would call, “the homosexual agenda.” Their goal is to eliminate institutional discrimination against homosexuals in such areas as marriage and military service. It is most certainly not to make everyone “indulge in same-sex sexual behavior” as argued by Page.

Page’s commentary is so riddled with logical fallacies (especially his overuse of “slippery slope” arguments) that he convincingly paints himself as a homophobe. His lack of logic is irrational and is based on fears of what might happen to heterosexuals if certain rights are extended to homosexuals. To have irrational fears is to be phobic, and when you have irrational fears about homosexuals, that’s homophobic. QED, Page is a homophobe. Thanks for clarifying that for us, Page.

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