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re: Confessions of a homophobe

Paso Robles



When I picked up the Feb. 25 edition of the New Times, I was curious to read the commentary advertised on the cover “A homophobe confesses his bias.” I thought I was going to be reading something that was possibly enlightening and, with some sarcastic humor, be supportive of the gay equal rights movement. Instead I found the illogical, discriminatory remarks of the self-confessed homophobe. If I didn’t think this article was so absurd, I would find it very upsetting. While I am quite disappointed in an open-minded paper like New Times printing this article I am happy to respond to Otis Page’s gibberish.

As a 47-year-old gay woman I must say I never considered I should expect heterosexuals to conform to my way of living as Page suggests in his argument against gay marriage. If he chooses to keep his homophobic agenda, it is his Constitutional right to do so. The so-called issue he brings up is absurd: “With homosexuality being legally recognized and accepted by society what excuse would a heterosexual have in not indulging in same-sex sexual excursions?” Well, Page, I would imagine the excuse would be the same as it has always been and that is, it is not a heterosexual’s interest or indulgence. It is a homosexual’s interest and indulgence.

His concern for himself as a heterosexual is pretty typical of turning and twisting this issue around. The only people who are being affected by not making same-sex marriage legal are homosexuals. And the only people who will be affected by making same-sex marriage legal are homosexuals. 

Page suggests that the homosexual community has an “agenda” to manipulate heterosexuals into becoming homosexual. Homophobia has nothing to do with whether or not anyone participates in same sex relationships. It has to do with the unnatural fear of homosexuality. Once same sex marriage becomes legal I can assure Page the gay community will not expect him, or young people, to participate in same-sex relationships any more than we would expect him to rid himself of his homophobia. I believe the same Constitution I expect will protect me and grant me the same rights as every other citizen will grant him protection under the First Amendment to continue his homophobic diatribe.

I am not sure how he tied together homophobia and heterosexuals when he stated “It is reasonable to conclude that a heterosexual’s refusal to not actually indulge in same sex sexual behavior would be the basis of being again accused of homophobia.” I have many heterosexual friends and family members (like my parents) who do not participate in same-sex sexual behavior and I do not consider them homophobic. Do not fret Page, you will always have the right to be a heterosexual homophobe. 

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