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Re-elect Dan Dow as county DA


Mike Cummins seems to be hanging the entire reason for opposing Dan Dow in the race for San Luis Obispo County district attorney on Dow not investigating the death of Andrew Holland at the county jail.

Cummins claims to be more qualified for district attorney than Dow, but his grandstanding on the jail investigation demonstrates that he is far from qualified. The SLO County Sheriff's Office is the largest law enforcement agency in the county, and a vast majority of the cases the DA sees comes from the Sheriff's Department.

The fact that these two agencies work closely together creates a conflict of interest in cases like this. The state attorney general would be called by Dow's office and probably already has been notified to look into any state law violations. The reason there has not yet been a state law violation investigation is it would be bad procedure to run a concurrent investigation with the FBI. There would be multiple interviews with the same witnesses in a short time frame and inadvertent interference with each other.

Cummins further demonstrates his ignorance by claiming he would launch an investigation into Holland's death on day one if he gets elected. Yet Cummins accepted a $25,000 donation from Holland's family. This in itself is a conflict of interest and would force Cummins to recuse himself!

I sincerely hope the voters see through this Cummins smokescreen and other goofy tactics—such as name changes to reflect being a judge when he has said being a judge didn't agree with him—and return Dan Dow to office.

Jody Langford


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