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Re-elect Heidi Harmon


Elections are coming up quickly—Nov. 6—and as a current San Luis Obispo City Council member, I enthusiastically support Heidi Harmon for mayor. I've had a front row seat for Heidi's first term, and I have been very impressed. We don't always align on specific solutions, of course, but I share her vision for our community, one that is inclusive and sustainable. She works hard, knows the issues and listens to diverse feedback. She serves tirelessly behind the scenes, connecting with residents of all ages, from all backgrounds, and she brings people to the table. Heidi inspires engagement with local issues and mentors future leaders. I look forward to continuing our important work together: improving our housing supply and affordability, supporting a healthy economy, and being leaders in environmental stewardship and climate action. Please vote Heidi Harmon for mayor.

Andy Pease

City Council member

San Luis Obispo

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