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Re: 'I'm voting for Ellen Beraud and I'm a veteran' (Feb. 20)


I am an independent voter and a Vietnam veteran, and I too am voting for Ellen Beraud, but for a different reason. After going through something like Vietnam, you really don't give a damn about statues and other manifestations of so-called patriotism. Patriotism is for people who have never been in a war, and statues do not do veterans a damn bit of good. What I am really doing is voting against Debbie Arnold's negative campaigning, which seems to have a place in big-time electoral politics, but its vicious and divisive nature has no place in a local community election. It is disgusting. All it proves is that Supervisor Arnold has considerable backing by selling her soul repeatedly to contributors whose interests will command far more of her attention than her regular constituents, among which I unfortunately number. I strongly urge voters to send a message to Supervisor Arnold and others of her ilk, and vote her out out of office.

Mark Henry

San Luis Obispo

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