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Reality check


I do not accuse Gary Wechter of a lack of imagination, especially after his July 12 opinion piece ("Just imagine"). I do accuse him of failing to acknowledge reality. I'll try to keep my rebuttal to his points brief:

• As Alexander Hamilton explained, our Electoral College was originally designed, in part, to ensure "the office of the president will never fail to the lot of any man who is not an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications." When they elected Trump, they just voted along party lines as usual and did not show any wisdom. They failed the American people by electing an unqualified demagogue.

• In spite of a slight increase in an extremely low approval rating of Trump among black voters, Trump continues to be less popular with black people than with any other racial group.

• Last I checked, a liberal democracy was vastly different than communism and dictatorship. Countries that take good care of their citizens, by having strong social supports, do better economically than countries that don't. We are all "makers" and "takers" at different times in our lives. Corporations frequently exploit workers or "makers" by doing all the "taking." Being a country that is a liberal democracy is (was) what makes (made) us great. We are currently ranked 48th in the world on the quality of our democracy, and we are headed toward fascism.

• There are humane ways to deal with children of people who break the law and there are terribly inhumane ways. The Trump administration chose the latter.

• There have been zero terrorist attacks in the past 20 years from any citizens from the countries of Trump's travel ban. The vast majority of our terrorist attacks come from American-born citizens.

• I cannot see, in any way, how cozying up to Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin improves our financial opportunities or promotes the safety of our citizens. I, for one, am terrified by this. I honestly think they are Trump's role models, and they are playing him like a fiddle.

• The government should not be involved in restricting a woman's reproductive rights. Also, if it were up to some states, they'd probably still have slavery.

Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Trump and his supporters are doing nothing but destroying the greatness of our country. We will not get out of his way.

Kathy Riedemann

Los Osos

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