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Reality check

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Many have rushed to the defense of the owners of the Paso Robles Grand View Apartments. They suggest that the owners are somehow being unfairly treated and that property rights and capitalism are under assault. On the surface, this may sound true, but the reality is totally different.

The slumlord business model as practiced by the owners of the Grand View Apartments is the issue. This business model exploits tenants and burdens city/county social services. Those burdens come in the form of added police and fire services, urban blight that devalues properties, added loads to public health, and losses to local schools. These are all government services that the taxpayer is ultimately responsible for.

It is dishonest to defend the slumlords of the Grand View Apartments. It is especially dishonest to try and shield their poor business practices behind property rights and free enterprise. Everyone deserves better.

Steve Ryburn



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