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Reconsider changing this little paradise

Los 0sos



I have lived in Los Osos for 22 years—and for a good reason. Here the people walk their dogs in the morning and have a chat with their neighbors, or a cup of coffee or tea by the water.

We like our flowers, birds , butterflies, and trees. Why do others want to change the things that make us happy? We live here, we should have a say in changes that affect us.

I believe I speak for most of the people in Los Osos who do not want the tall eucalyptus trees, the little trees, and the bushes that make this park so special removed. Where will the butterflies go and the birds that like to rest in the tall trees?

What about the deer that can roam free in this little park and sleep on the tall grass that is their food as well? Today, I took a picture of two deer, close by, eating the grass. Will they be crossing the road to feed on the plants in the mobile home park across the street and be killed by a speeding car? Please reconsider changing things and listen to the people who live in this little paradise.

-- Ybi Van Ekeren - Los Osos

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