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Reduce your carbon footprint



So how can you say that the increased sales tax proposed by Measure J is primarily charged to tourists and visitors? We ALL pay sales tax. Our visitors and tourists already pay transient tax and marketing tax to hotels. Now we are proposing a highway sales-tax increase too? 

If our state taxes can’t cover the increased cost of highways why don’t we engage private enterprise to maintain our highways with tolls? Those who drive the most would pay their fair share. That’s what’s going on in Europe and elsewhere. 

Cities should maintain their own roads. They can tax developers to pay their share of increased use of roads. LA has shown that building more highways and expansion of lanes does not solve the traffic problems. It only increases the number of cars on the road. 

As proposed, bike paths and public transport each get a mere 10 percent of this nine-year tax plan. If this was a tax for increased public transit I could support it. Measure J will, across the board, increase sales tax to everyone, even those who don’t drive. 

Please vote no on Measure J and let our county set a precedent for the rest of the state. Take the low road and reduce our carbon footprint one mile at a time. Get out of our cars and walk or ride a bike or ride a bus. Stop complaining about our roads and highways. 

-- Valerie Seymour - Morro Bay

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