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Reducing natural gas is a great start

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The San Luis Obispo City Council is considering a clean energy program for new buildings, which would provide a pathway for reducing natural gas consumption and pollution by buildings. It is a necessary step for reducing community emissions and an important part of the city's battle against climate change. I wish the program took even bolder steps, but that is not why I am writing today.

To protect their bottom line, the Western States Petroleum Alliance is using its public relations mouthpiece, "Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy," to spread misinformation and fear. This Sacramento group is running ads claiming the program bans gas or gas appliances, among other lies.

Here is the truth: The program allows choice. It requires new buildings to be electric-ready but does not forbid gas. It will not raise utility costs or stress energy infrastructure. It will keep energy costs low and protect locals from rising costs: SoCal Gas has stated its intent to raise prices 30 to 45 percent over the next three years. It will result in healthier air in our homes and offices.

Western States Petroleum should stop lying to the people of San Luis Obispo, and City Council should enact this excellent program. It's a great start.

Erin Pearse

San Luis Obispo


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