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Reelect Vessely


Port San Luis has a long history of providing a safe harbor and essential services to the Central Coast. Bob Vessely embraces the vision of the port district's founders to become economically viable while serving the public.

As a hub for coastal activities along the central and south coast of San Luis Obispo County, Port San Luis offers residents and visitors a variety of recreational, educational, and commercial opportunities; including dining, fishing, water sports, safe beaches, camping, and hiking.

Prior to serving on the Port San Luis Harbor District Commission, Bob was instrumental in the effort to restore the Port San Luis Lighthouse. As Harbor District Commissioner, he has worked hard to improve harbor facilities, expand visitor services and ensure the continued success of the commercial businesses at the port. Bob traveled to Washington, D.C., to promote support for the harbor and the repair of the breakwater. He works cooperatively with Avila Beach and other district communities on issues impacting the port. Bob continues to provide balanced, dedicated leadership to ensure the long-term vitality of Port San Luis for all its users.

Reelect Bob Vessely to the Port San Luis Harbor District.

Jim Patterson

Former SLO County supervisor

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