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I endorse and call for votes to re-elect Heidi Harmon as mayor of SLO. She isn't perfect and needs to learn to listen more to people, follow up on things, and get back to people when they contact her. She's got good progressive instincts but I fear she's fallen into being guided and advised by too many professional Democratic Party political hacks. One really bad move was having no question/answer/comment period at the end of the recent community meeting on homelessness in SLO. It was like a multi-politician/bureaucrat/talking head lecture presentation, not a good approach.

But compared to the ultra right-wing gadfly and NIMBY on steroids character running against her—Keith Gurnee—Harmon comes out looking very good indeed. With some important modifications in her approach, SLO needs the youthful and energetic vision of Heidi, not the old-line, elitist, gentry oriented, "get off my lawn" tone of Gurnee. I doubt he even really believes the things he says against development. I think he's just using it to appeal to voters who pine for the SLO of the 1950s. It's gone. Face it. Development must be sensible and not overpowering, but some development is inevitable and necessary.

Remember that Heidi only won in 2016 by 47 votes. It's important for everyone with a progressive outlook to vote in this 2018 election—and for more than just the SLO mayor. There are many state issues and many candidates on the ballot.

Jim Griffin


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