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Remember this bozo?




Super-genius Senate Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) unveiled his spiffy old Republican retread of a jobs program left over from the failed Bush administration, when the United States lost millions of jobs and the economy and stock market crashed heading toward a second Great Depression, in order to try to take attention away from the real new “Create Jobs Program” the Obama administration is gearing up.

You should remember John (Bonehead) Boehner from his starring role in the Tea Party Protest Rally on the capitol steps. Boehner gave the main address, waving a document over his head and thundering with fevered conviction, “This is MY copy of the Constitution! And I’m going to stand here with our Founding Fathers, who wrote in the Preamble ... .”

Oops! As every eighth grade civics student in America knows, there is no Preamble to the Constitution, and the pompously ridiculous Mr. Boehner went on to read the Declaration of Independence, insisting that it was the Constitution of the United States. It was without a doubt the most insane thing I’ve ever seen a politician do on national TV.

Not one of the group of 100 percent Caucasian Republican congressional “know-nothings” standing beside him realized his ludicrous ignorance.

Astoundingly, neither did any of the three major news outlets, which pretended that John-John actually knew what he was talking about that night during their national news shows. Nor was there any mention of the huge poster in front of the stage featuring a mass of murdered Holocaust victims’ bodies, freshly slaughtered by the Nazis, and equating President Obama with mass-murderer Adolf Hitler. On the capitol steps. How genteel of NBC, CBS, and ABC to pretend not to notice the GOWP genocidal insanity.

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