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Reproductive rights don't end with anti-abortion

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I find your headline, "Locals join the nationwide rally for reproductive rights" (May 23), confusing. Anti-abortion does not infringe on reproductive rights, it protects reproduction and the lives of innocent unborn children. There is no excuse in today's society for abortion with the availability of birth control and contraceptives.

That someone would be too lazy to prevent contraception is the problem. Abortion shouldn't be a convenience for laziness. No one seems to get mad when drunk drivers get arrested because they can harm or kill someone. It comes down to taking personal accountability.

Our education system is also to blame for unwanted pregnancy. They don't teach abstinence any longer, and they educate our youth into thinking abortion is normal, when in reality it is murder.

It's time for people to take personal responsibility for their actions. And Planned Parenthood should be teaching abstinence and in the event of pregnancy, how to care for a child or put the child up for adoption. Abortion is not the answer.

Dave Allen

San Luis Obispo


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