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Republicans are dividing our nation




I’m surprised and disappointed that New Times published the Aug. 8 “commentary” by Otis Page including his conclusion that our president is “strongly biased” and plays the “race card.” Such comments are typical of the Grand Opposition Party.

I commend President Obama for doing the right thing and speaking out on the Zimmerman trial. This showed great courage that can only be exhibited by a great president. Had our president not commented as he did, the Republicans’ talking point would have reflected that.

Racism still exists all across this nation, even our own backyard, Mr. Page. One fine example is from those fortunate enough to live in the 5 Cities areas outside Oceano. Frequent comments include that one would not want to live in Oceano because of the dominant Mexican presence and the danger this could represent.

With regard to Mr. Page’s comments on President Obama’s inability to lead: At every turn Republicans have done nothing but hatefully obstruct our president’s efforts to lead. This started on the night of President Obama’s first inauguration and continues to this day. When President Obama was first elected, the majority who elected this president, and the world, was joyful and hopeful for change after the disastrous, failed policies of the Bush/Cheney administration. This could have been a tremendous opportunity for America to come together as a country. Yet, rather than working with this president, the Republicans have further divided our nation with their nonstop obstructionism and filibusters.

It is a shame that young Trayvon Martin was another victim of race crimes in our nation. At least Trayvon did not die in vain, and a new light has been shed upon the horrendous racially motivated hate crimes that still exist in America.

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