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Republicans are running the show


Roy Kline is like most right-wingers, complaining about the “liberal media� (“Media in this county have liberal bias,� Letters, Feb. 10-17). He fails to mention the incredibly vitriolic programs of Rush Limbaugh, Mike Reagan, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura, and others with their daily spewing of venom directed at the Democrats and anyone who doesn’t follow the party (Republican) line. These are all available here in SLO County.

He is also for freedom of speech, as long as it meets his approval. I wonder if Roy Kline and his fellow Republicans will stand and be counted when this country starts its inevitable downhill slide under this administration.

Republicans control the presidency, House, Senate, and Supreme Court, Roy, so you can’t blame this country’s demise on the “East Coast latte-loving liberals.�


Terry Brown

Avila Beach

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