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Republicans are spendthrifts, too




 In his letter “Socialists should take a powder,” (Dec. 17), J.E. Curtis accuses another writer of “hurling insults” against John Boehner, and then derides the “socialist” agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Curtis claims the Obama administration has taken away Americans’ civil rights and liberties “in record numbers.” Just what liberties has Curtis lost? Or should I ask, what liberties have Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and others of their ilk lost under Obama that compelled them to inform Curtis? And how do these supposed lost liberties compare to the liberties infringed upon by the last administration?

Obama’s “socialist...dark agenda” of spending is not too different from how the Republicans used their power of the purse. There is no real difference between the spending habits of Republicans and Democrats. The Republican Party is not fiscally responsible; it chooses to spend lavishly on ineffective, trickle-down tax cuts and on “national defense” (via no-bid contracts to Dick Cheney’s former employer, et al). At least the Democrats, inept though they may be, sometimes try to spend on things that could positively impact ordinary Americans—like preventing insurance companies from cutting off customers from medical care because they listed the wrong dosages of asthma medications they took as children on their policy applications.

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