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Rescue Cactus



What's it rated? Mature

When? 2020

Where's it showing?

LA comic Chris Fairbanks delights with his unique and hilarious brand of comedy in his new special Rescue Cactus. From raunchy to ridiculous and all the while relatable, Fairbanks takes his audience on a journey full of belly laughs over buried childhood traumas to throwing an epic funeral. Co-host alongside Karen Kilgariff of the podcast Do You Need a Ride, Fairbanks is a quick-witted, self-deprecating gem.

Filmed in Portland, Rescue Cactus showcases something the pandemic has torn away from us—live comedy for a room full of people. However, I was perfectly content curled up on my couch somewhere between snickering and in full fits of giggles as I watched. I just have one request: Chris, the next time you put a special together, can you make it two hours instead of just one?

Available to rent or purchase through Vimeo or at, this is well worth the few bucks it costs. We all need a laugh right now, and Rescue Cactus is sure to hit the spot! (54 min.) Δ


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