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Residential zoning gives way to Wal-Mart




Patrick Klemz’ article (“Cleanup on Del Rio Road,” March 21) quotes project neighbor Randy Lawrence as knowing Wal-Mart’s Del Rio parcel was zoned commercial. The fact is that not all of the 26.2 acres Wal-Mart purchased was zoned commercial. A large portion of the acreage was zoned residential, primarily multi-family.

This information is important because it provides needed context to the lawsuit, as well as Mr. Lawrence’s valid concerns about the potential impacts of Wal-Mart’s project to his neighborhood. Wal-Mart had no right to build a store on the residential-zoned portion of its property. That right only came into existence in June 2012 when the Atascadero City Council voted to approve the project including amendments to the City’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance to grant the zone change from residential to commercial.

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