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Residents can accelerate Grover Beach momentum by voting for F-20


Measure F-20 proposes a 1 percent sales tax increase in Grover Beach that will add nearly $2 million annually to a city with a stable budget. Rather than a tax needed to patch budget shortfalls, this proposed measure presents an opportunity to increase city momentum!

I've heard grumblings that Bond Measure K-14, passed to fix the potholed streets, has not made enough progress. In fact, if you track the project on the Grover Beach website, you will see that the Measure K-14 repairs are ahead of schedule and under budget! K-14 needs a supplement, however, to maintain the streets and improve arterials such as Grand Avenue and 4th Street. Measure F-20 arms the city with additional funds to help maintain the newly reconstructed roads, to add curb, gutter, and sidewalk as well as pedestrian/bicycle safety amenities.

The kind of revenue that will be generated by passing this measure (estimated 40 percent from out of town) will help enable our Grand Avenue downtown area to attract more business and additional development. Passing F-20 will allow the city to offer more assistance in the future to our existing local businesses, as well as the opportunity to successfully recruit desirable businesses that presently operate elsewhere. Our city's vision can be realized years ahead of schedule.

When such a measure is passed, an oversight committee will help ensure the funds are spent in accordance with the vision. Should the measure pass, I believe the city will spend wisely, and the potential gains for residents and businesses in our community will be realized.

Ron Reilly

Grover Beach

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