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Residents for Quality Neighborhoods works for the community



Thank you, New Times, for your balanced article on the Rental Housing Inspection Program ("No easy fix," Nov. 17). It is a well-intended program that fell into over-zealous hands, but with a few adjustments, it ought to really help renters, especially students. 

As Sean Cuccia testified, he and his Cal Poly friends pay huge rents, yet face serious electrical and plumbing problems that put them at risk and are too often ignored by their landlord. We simply cannot turn our heads the other way and let landlords do or not do whatever they please when many lives are affected. 

This is why I was dumbfounded when I read Dan Carpenter's biased comments about RQN (Residents for Quality Neighborhoods) and its supposed desire to "push students out of San Luis." Mr. Carpenter knows better, considering that he held in his hands a petition to the CSU Trustees that various neighborhood associations, including RQN, had supported. In view of the difficult housing situation in SLO and the high student ratio, this petition asked that Cal Poly provide housing for two-thirds of the students, basically all freshmen and sophomores. 

Mr. Carpenter also knows that RQN is a group of generous volunteers who fight for everyone's well-being, not just for their own. And everyone includes students. The kind of innuendos Mr. Carpenter was using to discredit RQN is unworthy of him, and certainly unworthy of anyone running for office.

-- Odile Ayral - San Luis Obispo

-- Odile Ayral - San Luis Obispo

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